Cathy Fyock’s Hall of Fame

Come meet all of Cathy’s successful graduates! They’ve written books on all different subjects with all different styles, but they’ve all been finished and their authors are off to the races. Have a look to get ideas for yourself, and to remind yourself that, yes, you can do it!

  • John “Rocky” Rawlins – In Sickness and In Health: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Caring for Your Spouse During a Terminal Illness

    john rawlins and book cover

    You might walk “in health” with your spouse for a lifetime, but there are unique challenges at the end of that path. In Sickness presents the advice one Baby Boomer gathered over the six years of his wife’s terminal illness on diverse subjects.

    Working with Cathy was a very positive experience.  Cathy’s knowledge and experience helps guide you through the process of writing a book from conception to publication and all steps in between.  You can have a great story, but you’re going to need Cathy to help you make it into a book. 

    John C. Rawlins, Jr.


  • Authors of Cultivating Culture

    Cultivating Culture book coverThe culture of an organization is an abstract, immaterial thing–yet culture is very real, and it’s monumentally important for that organization’s health, happiness, and success. An organization’s culture is important for employee satisfaction and other “soft” factors, but it also makes a difference on the bottom line and quarterly reports–and in ways both more specific and more significant than you might imagine.

    In this Red Letter Publishing Professional Series anthology, our authors offer their measured suggestions for how you can cultivate a healthy, forward-thinking culture in your own organization. Like any matter of value, a good culture requires time and investment–but it needn’t be as complex as brain surgery.

    Authors include: Dawn Cacciotti, Adam Calli, Teri Cirillo, Jen Hamilton, Michael Harper, Jill Heineck, Cindy Hines, Mark Leonardi, Nicole Price, Cheryl Schofield, Leslie Schreiber, Cynthia Schuler, Ken Silay, and April Taylor.

    “This was an incredibly rewarding experience writing with talented authors across multiple industries.”

    – Cynthia Schuler, Author, Cultivating Culture

    Shown here are DC area authors: Leslie Schreiber, Dawn Cacciotti, Cindy Schuler, Michele Fantt Harris, and Adam Calli.

    Shown here are DC area authors: Leslie Schreiber, Dawn Cacciotti, Cindy Schuler, Michele Fantt Harris, and Adam Calli.

  • Jennifer Bartlett-Phelps, The Business of Confidence and The Act of Confidence

    “Cathy was a joy to work with! She really made a point of understanding my subject and my goals, and kept me on track to keep from losing sight of those goals. I would definitely recommend working with her!”

    – Jennifer Bartlett-Phelps, Alter Ego Imaging, Owner/Photographer

  • Authors of Evolution of Human Resources

    Evolution of Human ResourcesHuman Resources is an essential arm of any company in the 21st century–but its place, purpose, and future have never been more uncertain. In this anthology, we consider what lies ahead in the evolution of Human Resources: how it will need to grow and change to succeed, but also, what we must do as professionals, practitioners, and experts to drive that evolution.

    Authors include: Angela Bailey, Whitney Bishop, Teresa Cofield, Karen Dahlem, Michele Fantt Harris, Paula Harvey, Dawn Holzer, Eric Huber, Olivet Jones, Whitney Martin, Robert Price, Sandy Ringer, Linda Smith, Cassandra Tembo, Trasee Whitaker, Patricia Keene Williams, Lisa Withers.

    “Cathy nurtured my dream of becoming a writer and being published and turned it into a reality. From start to finish, the process was seamless and met all of my expectations.”

    – Eric Huber, Author, Evolution of Human Resources

    “Even though I don’t consider myself a writer, Cathy’s process of coaching made organizing my ideas and writing the book extremely easy and thought-provoking.”

    – Sandy Ringer, Author, Evolution of Human Resources

    Authors Whitney Martin, Karen Dahlem, and Patricia Williams.

    Shown: Authors Whitney Martin, Karen Dahlem, and Patricia Williams.

  • John Bencsics

    john bencsics book

    How would you like to create an environment where your employees think of themselves as the company? Where they understand brand and brand equity and how they can impact it? Where they are valued as an equal and respected for their thoughts and ideas? An environment that creates success?

    Sounds unbelievable?

    Once you have an environment where your people care about you, you have created a place where they show up at work believing in themselves and truly caring about your company. You have created a place where they succeed. You have created a place where your company succeeds.

    “ No matter where you are with the development of your book, Cathy’s coaching can provide value to helping you achieve your goal”

  • Gary Montgomery

    Gary Montgomery

    “What a joy working with Cathy Fyock, she is a great book coach. I was writing my second book and felt comfortable I knew what I was doing. But I got stuck and contacted Cathy. I wish I had connected with her earlier in the process. She coached me in writing and creating the book, all the while keeping me motivated as I moved toward completion. Motivation is a key in writing a book and having Cathy keeping me on task was beneficial. In addition to the assistance she gave me in creating the book she also advised me on how to have a super book launch and ways to get the best out of marketing the book. I am still working, and learning from her experience as a writer, creator and marketer. Cathy helped make my book a success.”

    Gary Montgomery, Author, It’s Fun To Be Catholic

  • Mark Rucker

    Mark Rucker

    “I have to give a HUGE shout out to this amazing woman. Thank you Cathy Dorton Fyock for not just being my writing coach, but for all of your guidance, wisdom, and support over the past 8 months. I know that at times you had to pull me kicking and screaming toward the finish line, and for that I am forever grateful. My dream of writing a book would never have been realized without you.”

    – Mark Rucker, Author, Unleash The Beast

  • Yvonne Ortega

    Yvonne Ortega book cover
    Yvonne Ortega

    “Thank you so much, Cathy, for your support and encouragement!”

    Yvonne Ortega, LPC, LSATP, CCDVC
    Area 43 Director, ACG, ALB
    Moving from Broken to Beautiful® LLC
    Professional Speaker, Author, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Counselor, Teacher

  • Jim Ware

    Jim Ware's bookAre you stuck in the unproductive meeting trap?

    It is common to feel that corporate meetings are a waste of time. Time that could be better spent getting “real work” done. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This book is dedicated to the proposition that meetings can be meaningful, productive, and even fun—all at the same time.

    We need to bring business meetings into the digital age in the same way that we have reinvented business planning and written communication. The current form of corporate meetings is bent and broken; it just doesn’t fit the realities of the global, technology-rich world that we live in today.

    This book is all about reinventing the business meeting. It offers advice and guidance for streamlining and strengthening all kinds of corporate conversations; but it focuses where it should, on the formal meetings that fill up over 50 percent of most managers’ calendars.

    Jim Ware

    “Cathy calls herself an accountability partner, and she is. But she is much, much more. Cathy knows the writing process, and the writing experience, inside out. She knows just when to hold your hand, when to pat you on the head, and when to kick your butt. I would never have finished my book without her guidance, feedback, encouragement, and pushback, each delivered exactly when I needed it.”

    — Jim Ware, Ph.D., Author of Making Meetings Matter

  • Lessons in Leadership

    Lessons in LeadershipThis entry in the Red Letter Publishing Professional Series is the work of sixteen leaders in business, ministry, education, law, and public life. They seek answers to a simple question: what does true leadership require, and what insights or experiences have caused them to arrive at their conclusions?

    Authors include: Teri Cirillo, Angie Fleitz, Terry Gehrke, Elizabeth George, Angela Greer, Chandra Goforth Irvin, Marigrace McKay, Wendy Nepute, Lesa Nichols, Mitzi Pendergrass, Carlene Reid, Karen Schreyer, Ph.D., Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D., Lora Tucker, Debra Walton Wells, Jovian Zayne.

    The authors celebrate the arrival of their new books.

    The authors celebrate the arrival of their new books.
















    “Cathy and Kevin are a tremendous team that together make the experience of publishing fun, easy, and timely! Whether this is a first publishing experience for you or you are a seasoned author that needs a boost, this is the team for you.”

    Lora Tucker, Author, Lessons in Leadership

    “Writing my chapter was one of the hardest things I’ve done. There were many moments when I thought it couldn’t be done, but then it became an incredible miracle and my name is on the cover!”

    Angie Fleitz, Author, Lessons in Leadership

    “Working as author with Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson has been a great experience. Together they provided just the structure and flexibility, competence and care, and ideas and curiosity to make the process of writing easy. I appreciated Cathy’s fresh approach and Kevin’s suggestions to be really on point. Further, they not only knew how to provide feedback but receive and integrate it. They know how to get it done — professionally and with grace. Bottom line — Kevin and Cathy made a complex process simple and it was very pleasant working with this great team!”

    Chandra Irvin, Author, Lessons in Leadership

    “Being part of the anthology series, Lessons in Leadership, was an invaluable experience. Working with Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson helped me build confidence as a writer and gave me the courage to move forward with writing another book. The experience was easy, encouraging and enjoyable throughout.”

    Elizabeth George, Author, Lessons in Leadership

  • Rethinking Human Resources

    Rethinking Human ResourcesThis entry in the Red Letter Publishing Professional Series is the work of sixteen authors, all distinguished members of the Human Resources community. At the core of their work in this anthology is a simple question: how can we rethink Human Resources in ways that make it smarter, more effective, and better-suited to chart the course of the future?

    Authors include: Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Teri Cirillo, Nichole Cobb, Jocelyn Davis, Kristin Dunlevy, JC Gibson, Sherri Harbsmeier, Michele Fantt Harris, Emily Hosea, Nikki R. Jackson, Cheryl Jekiel, Maurie McGarvey, Jeff Nally, Dave Phillips, Laura Hlavacek
    Rabideau, and Bob Smith.

    Authors Celebrate

    The authors celebrate the launch of their book at the KYSHRM Conference.















    “Working with Cathy to write a book was the right decision. Authors have many avenues to choose from when it comes to writing and publishing. Where Cathy truly stands out is that she cares deeply about her authors and does everything she can to help them succeed. Her support throughout the writing process is outstanding and she doesn’t stop there. After your book is published Cathy continues to support her authors with opportunities to market their book through speaking opportunities, articles, and events. Cathy is the person who will get your book out of your head and on paper and support you every step of the way.”

    – Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Author, Rethinking Human Resources

    “Cathy’s tagline “Your Possibility Partner” could not be more accurate and appropriate. I have known Cathy since 2011 and she has always been a tireless advocate of progressive HR. She is so well thought of, so astute and has an incredible international brand as an HR professional. She is also an extraordinary writer. So, when I shared with her that I had interests in writing someday, little did I know that about a year later my interest would manifest into a published anthology. Cathy is a great encourager and coach. She understands the impediments to writing and she works with her contributing authors to remedy them. I very much enjoyed writing with her and learning from her. I am thrilled to now regard myself as a published author and I have Cathy to thank for that.”

    – Nikki Jackson, Author, Rethinking Human Resources

    “This writing experience helped to crystalize several professional thoughts but, even more than the content of the chapter, it helped me to rise a little above the day-to-day fire fights to live a little of the dream to do more than just work. (Warning, it did NOT help me not to write run on sentences…)”

    JC Gibson, Author, Rethinking Human Resources

  • Vivian Blade

    Fuel Forward

    “Cathy was the exact resource I needed to help me write my first book. She was there every step of the way for guidance, support and encouragement.”

    –Vivian Hairston Blade, MBB, MBA, PMP
    Author, executive coach, speaker & trainer

  • Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D.

    Hiring Made Easy as Pie

    “I had made progress writing my book before I was introduced to On Your Mark by a friend. After reading Cathy’s book, I realized I had been rudderless and needed to refocus my writing. The strategies presented in her book showed me how to refocus and finish my manuscript on schedule. Then Cathy stepped in to personally coach me through the maze of publishing. Cathy’s coaching helped me cross the finish line and made the journey fun!”

    -Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D., Managing Partner, The OASYS Group

  • Susan Neustrom, Ed.D.

    Sue Neustrom

    “Having Cathy Fyock as my book coach changed my longtime dream of writing a book, an idea I envisioned since 2009, into a completed 30,000 word manuscript. Cathy’s ‘just get it done’ approach was the gentle, reassuring nudge that I needed to get the book I held inside of me for so long on to paper. Her knowledge, resources, and advice were true gifts that helped me move beyond perfection to accomplishment.”

    – Susan Neustrom, Ed.D., Author, The Comfort Zone Illusion
    Websites: and

  • Lin Schussler-Williams

    Lin Schussler-WilliamsIf you have ever caught yourself talking about something you wish were different by starting out, “I can’t . . . ” or “I’m never ______ enough to . . . ” then this little book has all the big ideas you need to shift into improved results.

    “Cathy Fyock is the woman to get your book DONE! She’ll help you conceptualize what it will mean to your career or business to have a book and become a recognized thought leader. Run to Cathy’s Complimentary Strategy Session to find out how you can work with her!”

    Learn more about Lin and her work at

  • Gwen Walters

    Gwen Walter

    “I am so appreciative for the online writing class that you facilitated as it was the shove I needed to move forward with my desire to write a personal letter of encouragement, which turned into a book to my nephew.  The material covered and the workbook you provided was very helpful to me in identifying:

    • Why I was writing
    • Who was my intended audience
    • My thesis statement and making sure that the content of my book flowed smoothly based on that statement
    • The importance in  maintaining discipline in your daily writing
    • How to become more organized
    • The benefits of pictures and supporting materials to draw in the reader

    “In addition to all that I learned during this six-week class, your personal commitment, insight, enthusiasm and encouragement not give up on your writings and dreams had the most impact.

    “Thanks again for your support and I look forward to discussing my next manuscript in a couple of months and perhaps our books will meet on the best-selling list.”

  • Maura Robinson

    Maura Robinson

    “Your workshop really helped me to get my book in gear, and inspired me not to be afraid to finish it. Your suggestion of getting an accountability partner made the difference in my work. You also made my day, month and year!”

    – Maura G. Robinson
    Author, The Inclusion Revolution is Now

  • Frank DeSensi, Robert Knight, and Joe DeSensi
    Turning Around Turnaround Schools

    Photo credits (top to bottom): Frank, Joe, Robert

    Turning Around Turnaround Schools: What to do when best practice and conventional wisdom aren’t enough

    “As the writers of Turning Around Turnaround Schools, we had been working on our book for some time and were stuck in the mud. We all read On Your Mark, went through the exercises, and now we have a voice, a target audience and a thesis statement for what we want the book to be. Thanks to Cathy and her coaching, our new book is a reality!”

    – Joe DeSensi

  • What’s Next in HR Anthology

    Cathy partnered with 17 authors in human resources and Greyden Press to create What’s Next in HR, a new anthology. The authors each wrote a chapter on a topic of their personal and professional interest, and they tackle a variety of topics, from talent management to office culture, with their own unique twists ranging from pop culture and television to data and modern science.

    Pictured from left: Whitney Martin, Lynn Ingmire, Alec White, David Braughler, Ann Mulcahy, Kristin Dunlevy, Cathy Fyock, Cara Silletto, Brett Steele.

    Pictured from left: Whitney Martin, Lynn Ingmire, Alec White, David Braughler, Ann Mulcahy, Kristin Dunlevy, Cathy Fyock, Cara Silletto, Brett Steele.

    “As a national speaker, my credibility (and number of bookings) skyrocketed once I added the official ‘author’ status to my bio and started sending copies to my prospects. Meeting planners throw away flyers. They don’t throw away books!”

    – Cara Silletto, CEO and Founder, Crescendo Strategies
    Author, What’s Next in Human Resources

    “It was a very rewarding experience to participate in the HR Anthology project. Cathy had us organized with specific timelines and webinars so that we stayed on track. I plan to use it as my calling card when I pursue new opportunities. It has opened my eyes to capturing my thoughts in writing with new or unusual work and life experiences. I doubt that I would have pursued being a published author on my own if it had not been for Cathy Fyock and the HR Anthology book.”

    – Cindy Hines, VP, Human Resources, COMMONWEALTH – ALTADIS, INC
    Author, What’s Next in Human Resources

    “Have you ever wanted to get published? I recently participated in writing a chapter in What’s Next in Human Resources and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did Cathy Fyock do a good job coaching us through the process, but her advice on how to use the book as a tool for obtaining business, getting speaking opportunities, and building self esteem was invaluable. In addition, I learned a lot about different writing styles and techniques which will help me when writing my next book. If you’ve ever wanted to write, go for it! Even if you never write the great American Novel, the experience will improve your writing abilities.”

    – Betty McHale, HR Consultant
    Author, What’s Next in Human Resources

    “Participating was completely ‘painless’ and helped me focus my thoughts toward launching the next phase of my career. And it was fast! I particularly liked the many marketing extras Cathy provided. A great experience.”

    – Susan Harmansky, SPHR, Workforce Strategist
    Author, What’s Next in Human Resources

    “After 30+ years in human resource management I knew I had a story to tell and writing the chapter for What’s Next in Human Resources was the springboard I needed to get my book started. Thanks to Cathy for the opportunity and thanks to my husband, Harold, for the encouragement.”

    – Lynn Ingmire, HR Consultant
    Author, What’s Next in Human Resources

    “The experience of contributing to the HR anthology was more rewarding than I expected in many ways. The published book was much richer than any book I could have written by myself! I am proud to forward the book to all my prospects as there is a chapter that will enlighten or inspire them. In fact, one prospect said he was requiring everyone in his leadership team to read it. Thank you Cathy for the opportunity to connect and collaborate with such a phenomenal group of professionals!”

    – Kristin Dunlvey
    Author, What’s Next in Human Resources