Upcoming Webinars

  • Storytelling with Five Wars Author Fred Johnson

    fred and bookWant to learn how to tell better stories? Learn from MOTH winner Fred Johnson as he shares ideas for crafting memorable stories.

    To register for this webinar scheduled for Tuesday, July 18 at 12 noon eastern, follow this link.

  • Unleash the Beast: Improving Wellness and Productivity with a Couch Potato-to-Ironman Approach with Mark Rucker

    mark-and-book-300x244When your workforce is unhealthy and unhappy it costs your company money through healthcare costs, absenteeism, and lack of productivity. This program re-energizes your workforce by improving employee wellness and productivity with a proven Couch Potato-to-Ironman approach.

    At his heaviest, Mark D. Rucker weighed over 385 pounds and suffered from high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and pre-diabetes. Despite trying to change his life, he struggled to be successful until he was humiliated on a family vacation when he was unable to fit on theme park rides with his children. That moment kick-started his desire to change. What began as a journey back to health became a campaign to complete one of the most grueling athletic feats in the world: the Ironman Triathlon.

    This course is pre-approved for one hour of SHRM
    recertification credit.
  • If You’re Thinking About Writing a Book, the Good News is–You Already Have! with Rebecca Barnes-Hogg
    rebecca and book 2017You took the first step towards writing your book as an anthology author or perhaps you’ve been blogging or writing articles for newsletters and publications for a while. The good news is that you have all the material you need to write your book. If the only thing holding you back is knowing where to start, join Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, coauthor of Rethinking Human Resources, as she discusses the process she used to turn her chapter, weekly blog, and articles into her book, The YOLO Principle: The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business. Rebecca will walk you through how she took the concept from her anthology chapter, combined it with her weekly blog topics and published articles, and completed her book in nine months. You will learn how to organize your book using material from your speaking, blogging, and articles. You will learn about the tools and resources that make writing your book fun and easy. You will get tips on how to find your title, block out time to organize and write your book, get feedback and peer reviews on your writing, and work with an editor, publisher, and creative team. Now is the best time to write your book to establish your credibility as an expert, build your speaking platform, launch your other products or services, or advance your career.